Anna Hadjinicolova

Anna Hadjinicolova

Graduation: 2004
Location: Madrid
Programme: International Business
Job: Foreign Sales Manager / Bulgaria

Anna, when did you decide to start gearing towards Schiller?

The first time I learned about Schiller was in 2004 after my graduation.

What made you choose Schiller over other schools?

Definitely Schiller's good reputation, its easy and understandable entry procedure and the fact that my sister was already enrolled in SIU Heidelberg at that time.

What was your biggest learning at Schiller?
My biggest learnings came from the international community and from 80% of the economics and finance teachers.

How did your experience help you in your professional life?
It gave me a pretty good idea about real-life business practices and much more assurance and confidence in my skills.

Tell us something about yourself. What do you currently do?
I completed my Masters in International Business in a private University in Bulgaria and I have had a 15 - year career already in International Business. Currently I am in charge of one of the leading EU Skiwear Brands' foreign sales business here in my home country Bulgaria.

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