Nadezda Eremina

Nadezda Eremina

Graduation: 2007
Location: Madrid
Programme: International Business
Job: Internal Audit ITER Project / France

Nadedzda, when did you decide to start gearing towards Schiller?

The first time I learned about Schiller was also the time I decided to apply for it: In 2004 after my graduation from Russian Academy of Economics.

What made you choose Schiller over other schools?
Schiller University program was proposed by my Academy.

What was your biggest learning at Schiller?
There were a few: The international exchange, presentation skills development, and of course working hard.

How did your experience help you in your professional life?
A lot! I had no problem finding the job I loved in the international companies. I think the Finance and International Business background as well as my MBA degree played a key role in my recruitment.

Tell us something about yourself. What do you currently do?
I am Russian, my family is in Moscow but currently I live and work in the South of France for the big international Fusion project called ITER. I graduated from Schiller in 2007 with an MBA degree in International business and the certificate for “Excellent Presentation skills”. Since then I worked in one of 4 BIG companies – for example at “Ernst and Young” in the Department of Business risks and services - External Audit. I also managed my own business, a clothing store for 2 years. In 2011, I was offered to join the ITER project – 35 nations collaborate to build the world’s largest reactor called Tokamak – a magnetic fusion device and carbon-free source of energy based on the same principle that powers the sun and stars. This net energy will play the main role in preventing global warming. The direct members of the project are : EU, China, India, Korea, Russia, the US, Japan. I work for the Department of Administration in the Financial control Section – Internal Audit and am very proud of being a part of such a great project.

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