Alumni Scholarship

Are you an alumni of SIU and want to enroll in another degree program? No minimum CGPA is required. Undergraduates may receive up to $145/€112 per credit earned (up to $1,740/€1,344 per semester) awarded each semester after all grades are posted. Graduates may receive up to $190/€140 per credit earned (up to $2,280/€1,680 per semester) awarded each semester after all grades are posted.

How it works

  • Scholarship applications, essays, and supporting documentation should be submitted to the
  • Initial scholarships applications cannot be submitted without Original Official Transcripts.
  • International Students’ transcripts will be evaluated, by the Registrar, on a 4.0 scale to determine GPA requirements.
  • All eligible applications and essays will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, which will consist of the following: UCSG Director of FA Compliance, Director of Accreditation Compliance, CFO, VP of Operations, and Corporate Registrar.
  • The Campus Financial Aid Advisor will notify the student of the approval or denial of their application.
  • All approved scholarships will be awarded by the Campus Financial Aid Advisor by means of the Student Financial Aid Award Notification form or the Student Financial Obligation Notification form.
  • The Scholarship Committee will monitor students’ progress and decide on the extension of the awarded scholarship. Students will be notified upon determination of the loss of an award.
  • Information regarding our scholarships are presented clearly and consistently on our website or you may inquire at your local campus.
  • Scholarship applications and documentation should be submitted directly to the campus. The campus will submit all applications to
  • Scholarships cannot be combined.
  1. The University reserves the right to change scholarship offerings without notice at any time.
  2. Essays must be written/typed in English with minimal spelling or grammatical errors and submitted with the application, unless otherwise noted.
  3. All initial awards are approved for one (1) semester only, one (1) additional semester may be awarded upon review of continued eligibility requirements.
  4. Once an initial awarded has ended, all students must re-apply by submitting a new application and essay.
  5. Student must enroll and successfully complete a minimum of 12 credit hours for each semester in order to qualify for the full scholarship amount. If a student is unable to attend 12 hours in a semester due to transfer credits, course availability, expected graduation, or approved Leave of Absence the scholarship will be awarded on a prorated per credit basis. The student is responsible for all financial obligations to the school.
  6. All Scholarships are posted to student ledgers at the end of the completion of each eligible semester.
  7. Students who have dropped or were suspended during a semester will automatically lose all scholarship eligibility for the current and future semesters. Students must re-apply if they are returning.
  8. Students must be in good financial standing with the institution to receive their award(s). Therefore, all expected payments to the University must be up to date by end of the semester pertaining to the award.
  9. Students who are in default on Title IV student loans are not eligible to receive any scholarships other than the Employer Reimbursement Matching Scholarship.
  10. Application Deadlines: Students must apply prior to the start date of their semester, excluding the Employer Reimbursement Matching Scholarship.
  11. Any student who applies after the start of their semester, is re-applying, or submits his/her original official transcripts after the semester has started will not be awarded the scholarship until their next semester start (Given it is approved by the Scholarship Committee). Cumulative GPA (CGPA) requirements will be based on the student’s CGPA earned at Schiller only.
  12. Scholarship applications will not be considered without initial Original Official Transcripts and the applicable essay.
  13. The definition of Successful Completion is “Passing an attempted course (earning credit) while maintaining at or above the required CGPA.” Semester awards will be prorated based on the percentage of earned credits versus attempted credits. (i.e. – Student is awarded $1,000 for a semester but only earns 9 of 12 credits attempted will be paid at 75% or $750.
  14. It is the student’s responsibility to submit all required documentation by the determined deadlines.
  15. Scholarships are limited and may cease to be awarded at any time by the Institution.