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What to read this summer

For brainiacs who want to understand empathy

"The Handbook of Imagination and Mental Stimulation" edited by Keith D. Markman & William M. P. Klein is a book of neuroscientists who speak about the brain, mirror neurons, and what is empathy. It explores misstepping into another person’s shoes. When are we failing in empathy even though we have the tools to empathize? What are the moments that we’re not using empathy and what are the neurological barriers stopping us from using these tools?

For those who want to go big or go home

In their book “Scaling: Small Smart Moves For Outsized Results“, Menno and Mark show how to achieve big goals with minimum effort. The book introduces you to a new approach regarding how things scale, describing a combination of networks and emergence that uses the power of waves to create mass movements. The authors then offer a practical toolset of Scaling Frames that help you generate ideas, create strategies that scale, and build more achievable business plans. Developed for entrepreneurs and practitioners from all types of organizations, the scaling methods have been successfully applied in product development, marketing, partnering, and internal operations of small and large organizations, from non-profits to start-ups. Scaling will change the way you do business, spread social change, and make really big things happen.

For those who have already read every traditional leadership book on the shelf

“Finite and Infinite Games“ by James P. Carse is essential reading for those who’ve read every traditional leadership book on the shelf. It breaks down the world into a dichotomy that’s an essential frame for understanding what you’re up to and what the game is that you’re playing. If you’re not aware of the kind of game you’re playing, the fact that you’re playing a game, and how games work, then I think you can get stuck in a coded machine that already exists which is leading us off the brink.